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Ground Zero Museum Workshop: Images & Artifacts from the Recovery Stunning Images by Official Ground Zero Photographer Gary Marlon Suson. "Rare Photos" (New York Times) are displayed, some in lifelike 3D installations, as well as remnants & rare video. Daily one-hour tours. Benefits 9/11 Charity. "Incredible Images" says Fox News Channel.

Address: 420 West 14th Street
Phone: 212-209-3370

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Traveler Reviews

Awesome!! Great job!!!! Well worth the $$
Reviewed by Wkspraggi on Feb 22, 2010

OK, I have to admit when we arrived at the museum, my first thought was "oh my gosh, I paid this much money for this little museum?" BUT . . . it was awesome and VERY well worth the money. Mr. Suson was actually at the museum the day we went, introduced the museum, and was available to sign his book. He has taken an aw inspiring timeframe in his life (and ours), and made it come to life for each and every person. His work is exceptional, and I would consider myself very critical when it comes to spending my hard earned money. Mr. Suson, you and your staff are doing an excellent job and should be making every person touched personally or otherwise, very proud! GREAT JOB!!!! EXCELLENT WORK!!! SPEND YOUR MONEY TO SEE THIS MUSEUM!! I would/will return for another viewing.

Humbling Experience
Reviewed by caro1NorfolkEngland on Feb 22, 2010

This Museum is not at Ground Zero and not for young children. It is situated in the meatpacking district. We were not sure what to expect but all I can say it was a fantastic experience and strong emotions were present throughout. The photographs and the relics told the horrific story of this awful day and the days after. The stories of brothers searching and people pulling together. We both felt very humbled and it was an experience that you cannot put into words. Do visit and experience this Museum its not macabre it is a positive experience of comradeship and admiration for all those who were part of this awful event.

A definite "must see"
Reviewed by historyman999 on Feb 22, 2010

This poignant and thought-provoking museum can be a little hard to find. But do read the instructions on its location as it clearly states that it is NOT near Ground Zero. The museum's creator, Gary Marlon Suson, was the only photographer allowed 24/7, go anywhere access to the site following the disaster on 9/11 as it is now called. If you are looking for the sensational or even an explanation, then you will be disappointed, for this museum is dedicated to the memory of thoise who lost their lives that terrible day and those who toiled long and hard in the days, weeks and months following. The photographs and exhibits are thought-provoking and a poignant reminder of that awful event. Each exhibit/photograph is accompanied by a number and the explanation of it is then able to be heard in the recorded audio guide provided. Some may consider it morbid, but that is the one thing it is not. Do go and see it, you will not be disappointed.

A beautiful tribute to the Americans who lost their lives on 9/11
Reviewed by pbutterpie on Feb 22, 2010

Gary captured the human side of this horrific event. Every photo, artifact and story brought the viewer closer to the connection to the real people who died, and those who worked to bring about some relief and closure to their families. Although the most horrific event in modern times, this attraction does not dwell on the horror or the terror of the event, rather the amazing events that followed. A must see for NYC tourists.

Reviewed by rae81ct on Feb 21, 2010

The Ground Zero Museum Workshop is a must see on your next visit to the city. We left with a new understanding and persective of what actually took place in the long months following the attacks. The photos and stories are very touching, and make you feel very proud to be an American.

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