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Once known as the Roman stronghold of Babylon, Cairo?s oldest section is the ancient heart of the Coptic Christian community featuring five original churches, the first mosque built in Egypt and the oldest synagogue, all representing three of the major world religions.

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Cairo off the ship (Legend of the Seas)
Reviewed by KtsGonSailin on Dec 26, 2009

A 3.5 hour bus ride from the Port of Alexandria. Very informative guide. DO pay the money at the Museum to go in the mummy room ($20 US) Wander around on your own, away from the tour crowds, as you won't hear or see anything anyways unless you are pushy. I was told I saw more than anyone on the tour, doing it myself and reading the cards at each spot. Wonderful pieces. Do spend the money and order the gold kartoush (SP?) charms with your name. They take the orders on the bus and are ready when you arrive. The sterling bracelets were not worth it. Expect to see poverty and filth in a New York downtown setting. Herds of sheep and goats are in the streets, along with donkeys pulling carts. The contradiction is amazing. You will not be allowed any time to wander on your own, except at the museum and the pyramids which is probably just as well. If you must ride a camel, know that you will smell like one all day. I enjoyed bartering with the locals there. Better than Mexico!

Bit disappointing
Reviewed by Zippitydoodah on Dec 23, 2009

I was a little disappointed in the Coptic Cairo part. Sure, it was a walled off area, but there was much less to it than I was expecting and in some ways, it didn?t feel all that old to me, which is strange because it obviously was.

Cairo is full of antiquities!!
Reviewed by dammit9 on Nov 29, 2009

I just returned from Cairo as part of a tour to Egypt and yes the place is filthy and smoggy but alongside of that it is so interesting! The old buildings, pyramids, museums, traffic, people all make for interesting conversation when you return to your hotel! The food wasn't the greatest, no uncooked or peeled vegetables or fruit but we made do, drank only bottled water, hotels lovely, we had an english speaking guide who is an archeologist and was so full of knowledge and told us great stories of the ancient times that you stop seeing the garbage in the streets. It really makes you appreciate home a lot more, but well worth a visit!

Wonders of the world - Pyramids or the city
Reviewed by adruti11 on Nov 10, 2009

One grows up reading about the Egyptian civilization and its wonders, however a trip to Cairo could be termed disappointing compared to that. The city is old (and you can't change that) however its dirty and unkempt and the people are not friendly. They make it so obvious that they are there to fleece you. The Pyramids a lovely sight on their own and not explained in any other form but the guides who charge you an arm and a leg. A detailed write up would help a great deal. No marked trails or signages explaining how the seven can be seen or how far they are from each other leaves you at the mercy of the guides who fleece you by telling you stories about how far the sphinx is and how you cant see it with the pyramids unless on horse back. An architectural marvel.... sadly spoilt by the greed and misinformation of the people.

amazing ancient life
Reviewed by bryce07 on Nov 4, 2009

cairo is the place to be. we stayed in concorde el salam hotel and its the best hotel in cairo. save for the heavy traffic, the city has many sites ,u can visit the pyramids, the citadel, museum where you get to see the royal mummies. I enjoyed my stay for two weeks. The shopping malls are just great and the items are so affordable, though if your english speaking you need an english speaking person to help you bargain,you can get good soveniours in Khan en khalili and the people are so friendly. Its a place ill have to visit again.

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