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Travelrobe Says Gatwick Airport Parking Is A Necessity To Travelers

Because of its geographical location parking at Gatwick Airport is a necessity and a convenience to travelers departing from Gatwick Airport

London, England, May 19 2008 – In a study done by Travelrobe comparing parking at Gatwick Airport and or using public transportation reveals that convenience and price might be the number one reason why most customers would book Gatwick Airport Parking.

Using central London in their study with two adults and two children traveling, the Gatwick Express to Gatwick Airport cost £86.40 return, a first class ticket was £138.00 return, visit this did not take into account the bus and underground fare and the hassle of dragging 1.5 to 2 pieces of luggage’s per person around.

A pre booked taxi to Gatwick Airport from central London on average cost £45.00 one way and If a black mitered taxi cab is used the average cost is £70.00 and this is one way, visit this site to compare

Travelrobe’s MD Mark Felix said in a statement that it’s not uncommon that friends and family can be a life saver providing free transportation to the airport, but it’s the uncertainty of whether or not they can rely on the same service on their return which makes parking at the airport a necessity and quite convenient.

When comparing the cost of parking at Gatwick Airport Travelrobe is suggesting these ideas that are cheaper and convenient and the cost associated with them, for starters, Travelrobe recommends off airport parking which would cost much less than parking directly on the airport and the transfer to the airport is usually 10 – 15 minutes.

A two week Gatwick parking at Summer Special which was used for this study cost £78.40 the transfer to the airport is 7 – 10 minutes and the car park operates 24/7 to verify these prices visit other options are available.

A Second car park was also used for this study and the cost was £89.85 with the same 24/7 service and both were Safer Parking Award recipients. To verify these prices visit other options and car parks are available.

Booking a Gatwick Airport Parking in advance will generate even bigger savings than a last minute booking and there is also another option for customers traveling on very early flights which is a real convenience and that is to book a Hotel with parking.

The cost for this option would be a little more expensive but the convenience is worth the cost and using the same family of four with an overnight stay and two weeks parking was £172.75 at the Best Western in Gatwick. To verify these prices visit other hotels and options are available.

The hotel option works well for families traveling long distances to get to the airport and if spending is not a major concern because of the convenience offered then it’s possible to book a hotel on return from a long haul flight to relax before the long journey home.

If planning a trip this holiday season customers are urged to plan ahead and make Gatwick Airport Parking part of their business or holiday package by booking with

For more information on Travelrobe visit the site offers additional travel options including Flights, Hotels, Car Hire and Cruises etc, customers should note that prices may have changed by the time of this research.

For more information contact – Mark Felix
0208 697 8132
Skype ID: Travelrobe

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